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Visitor Information Center
  • A grand diorama with a model layout representing each Pavilion and Kiosk in the overall layout of each site on the entire Museum complex.
  • A reception hall with ticket booth for the Museum complex.
  • Very large flat panel video monitors showing the features and attractions of each of the five Museum Plazas.
  • A large and fully stocked retail store.
  • A snack bar and dining room capable of being used for corporate catering for up to 200 people.
  • An auditorium seating at least 150 people.
  • An electronic library of original company and product documents from over 300 Ohio transportation and industrial companies.
  • Three or more classrooms each seating a minimum of 30 people and equipped with full electronic capabilities.
  • An intermodal transportation platform designed to facilitate visitor movement to other the Museum locations.
Visitor Information Center