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Visitor Information Center
  • A recreation of several historical Ohio streets. Recreations of retail establishments and restaurants will exist within some of these storefronts.
  • A recreation of several area industrial companies (iron works, carriage shops, etc.). The visitors will be able to walk inside these companies and view animated and interactive exhibits showing simulated manufacturing and the working conditionsof the era.
  • Horse drawn wagons, carriages and early automobiles will operate on the streets (rides may be offered to visitors on some of these vehicles).
  • Tall sailing ships of the era will be highlighted for virtual narrated cruises on Lake Erie and/or the Cuyahoga River.
  • A ¾ size Ohio & Erie Canal (with a working lock) large enough so that a reduced size canal passenger boat with 20-30 passengers can be pulled by a team of mules on a ride. The crew will describe in detail the environment in which the canal boat was utilized and the benefits and drawbacks of this form of transportation.
  • Presentations will be made at public gathering locations within the site describing the difficulties of getting around in this era and how that affected everyday life.
  • A 12” gauge railroad featuring a steam locomotive and passenger cars authentic to the period around 1890 will be operating though out the museum complex. The passenger cars will be big enough to carry up to 100 children and adults.