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Visitor Information Center
  • A new computerized robotic auto parts assembly line designed to show the modern manufacturing plant.
  • A current model year automobile showing Ohio made or invented parts.
  • A current model year truck showing Ohio made or invented parts.
  • A fully operational scale model of a futuristic Maglev passenger train will operate within a model of a future city.
  • A display of the new Space Shuttle being built by NASA showing the contributions made by NASA Glenn Research Center with seats for the visitors to experience a space flight powered by virtual reality.
  • A large model of the Boeing 787 passenger airplane showing Ohio
    made parts.
  • A large model of the Joint Strike Fighter showing Ohio made parts.
  • An actual General Electric engine designed for the Boeing 787 that can
    be fired up for short demonstrations.
  • A business micro jet airplane where visitors can experience a virtual
    reality flight.
  • A lighted map of several key Ohio railroad intersections with multiple large flatscreen TV monitors showing live action from each location with remote color cameras.