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Creating a new museum concept involves defined steps. As described with the help of The American Association of Museums, the tasks needed to complete these steps are as follows:

  • Secure commitments from traditional museums, private collectors and Ohio corporations for both artifacts and documentation to become part of the museum collection.
  • Investigate experienced Museum Consultants and select two to provide proposals for the creation and completion of the Feasibility Study.
  • Raise the seed money required to complete the tasks outlined in the preliminary “Start Up” process:
    • Feasibility Study
    • Graphics, art & printing for vision brochure
    • Travel to potential museum & corporate partners
    • Preparation of presentations for governmental
      agencies & other influencers
    • Part time project manager
    • Architect for preliminary Pavilion design
      & renderings
    • Preliminary exhibit designs
    • Legal for museum partner contracts
    • Legal & other costs for 501 (c) (3) incorporation
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