Success Formula

The concept of multiple transportation-related collections in a single campus location offers many benefits.

  • Provide a local, innovative, multi-attraction and memorable family day destination that builds visitor loyalty through constant change and revolutionary theme park-like displays.
  • Provide streetcar rides and train rides via RTA and the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railway enhancing exploration of the entire area.
  • Provide an appreciation of the major contribution currently played by Ohio companies in the continued mobility of our nation, instilling a sense of civic pride.
  • Provide an informative and entertaining destination for out of town visitors.
  • Impart a comprehensive understanding of the development of America, its industry and the rich heritage of Northern Ohio as it relates to that development.
  • Provide an economic and developmental stimulus for the host city.
  • Provide both a world-class attraction and exhibit site enhancing the nation’s view of the host city.
  • Draw out of town visitors to stimulate the tourist economy in the host city and add revenues to tourist related businesses.
  • Supply increased traffic to existing local museums by providing proximity to other venues.
  • Provide Ohio corporations a way to enhance their image and exhibit their importance to the national transportation industry.
  • Provide an interesting location for local business and civic meetings and events.