Why Northeast Ohio?

The majority of people born after World War II (baby boomers) are hungry for nostalgia and most have little or no understanding of the vital role Ohio inventors and Ohio companies played in the phenomenal growth of North America’s industrial might during the 20th century. Very few people, even in Ohio, know the following facts about today’s industrial economy (from the 2002 and 2004 Ohio Economic Development reports):

  • Ohio is 1st in the nation in the production of rubber, plastics and electrical equipment.
  • Ohio is 2nd in the US in the production of motor vehicle parts and components.
  • Ohio is the nation’s 2nd largest steel producer.
  • Ohio ranks 2nd in the nation in new or expanded business facilities.
  • Ohio ranks 3rd in the US in manufacturing although it ranks 7th in total population.
  • Ohio manufacturing companies exported over $31 billion in goods in 2004.
  • Today NASA Glenn, Battelle Institute, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and several engine and subassembly manufacturers combine to make Ohio a major center of emerging aerospace technologies.
  • Industrial employment in Ohio is projected to increase over 9% between 2004 and 2012.
  • A survey by the Battelle Institute shows over 28,000 Ohio companies employing 820,000 people in technology applications.

Northeast Ohio is uniquely positioned to tell this story and attract a sizable audience of faithful visitors. In addition, most of the transportation companies featured in the Museum are or were based in this area; therefore Northeast Ohio becomes the natural site for this complex.